POP Up Cafe and Ceilidh

Jane Mercer and her dear friend Chris,  who we hadn’t met until last weekend have been busy organising fundraising events for us these past two weekends and have raised over £800! Jane Mercer, a former VSO volunteer got in touch before Christmas last year after having heard, from a mutual friend, about our fundraising campaign. She said that she had some ideas but it wouldn’t be until the new year. Touching I thought and then it left my mind. 3 weeks ago I then hear that she and Chris, had organised a pop up cafe and ceilidh here in Oxford as part of her leaving ‘do’. Jane has recently become a grandmother and so she is relocating to Eastbourne.

Both events were so heart warming.

Thank you everyone for your support and for making this journey something that is also a reminder of the gift of friendship and the beauty of humanity.

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