Family Yoga

“Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame.”

–B.K.S lyengar
A quote posted by Alessia, our beautiful yoga teacher.

Seeing this ‘light’ being ‘lit’ within the boys is simply joyous.



It’s the weekend!

Seeing as Thomas will be having another block of physio over half term Uncle Peter encouraged us to bunk off school on Friday and go camping for the weekend. LOVE my brother. LOVE camping adventures!

Jumble Sale No 2

A huge thank you to everyone who came and helped with the Jumble Sale today. I hope people left feeling they had found a bargain and enjoyed a nice piece of cake. We raised £330! Hopefully a visit to the Cash4Clothes bank will help round it up to £400.

Last day of Footsteps

Last day of our 3 week intensive block at Footsteps. Our next one won’t be until the summer holidays now as Thomas will be attending school more but we shall still have our weekly session so it’s ok, no reason to feel sad.

It has been a great session. Thomas has worked hard every day but he has also really enjoyed working hard- there is a difference. He has danced. He has walked a whole 12 metres, in short splints, with no help! His confidence has soared!

They have their Lego set!


Just shy of 7 months Post SDR.
#wehelpedThomas2dance #greatestshowman- thisisme #SDRchangeslives

Sadly I can’t upload the video on this site but you can see it on helpthomas2dance Facebook page if you are on Facebook.

In his penultimate session today at Footsteps he ALSO walked 12 metres all by himself- picture below.

So happy.