4 Years Post SDR

Today marks 4 years since Thomas’ life-changing SDR surgery in Bristol.

Thanks to the team there and all the amazing people who have worked with him over the years, Thomas is living a full and precious life. He is experiencing so much joy and still making incredible progress. This summer he has:

  • begun cycling to school under his own power (not attached to one of our bikes)
  • started wanting to walk longer distances outside, including to school along the busy lane!
  • won his first dressage competition
  • passed Stage 3 swimming, having set himself that goal

It is wonderful to observe him becoming involved in his own learning, discovering his own source of strength and intelligence.
We even caught him explaining to Dylan how to help him maintain a good walking gait. The result? Dylan gently encourages Thomas with tips and observations as they walk to school, to ensure Thomas keeps walking well. We didn’t tell Dylan anything – it was all Thomas himself saying what would help him. They are both amazing.

This is the gift you gave him when you supported Helpthomas2dance. And it’s a gift that will keep on giving for the rest of his life.

Whilst we know that more challenges (and further surgery) lie ahead, we are reflecting today on how much Thomas has progressed, and celebrating him for who he is.

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