Y2 has started well!

Year 2 has officially started well. The boys are tired when they come home but they are full of stories from their day and genuinely seem to love everything!





A brilliant day yesterday thanks to all the volunteers at RDA Abingdon. Thomas loved taking part in all the competitions and he was delighted with his rosettes! Meeting Clare Balding was also very cool.


Another 10 hours of physio this week for this CP warrior. No complaining, no drama, just pure grit and determination. Let’s hope the Bristol team can see how much he has progressed on Tuesday when we go for our 2 year Post- SDR review.

Go Kids Go!

Another FANTASTIC workshop with GO KIDS GO! on how to really get the most out of your wheelchair. This time Dylan joined in on the fun and it was great for Thomas to see how well he has mastered wheelies since last year!

Roy, the trainer, is so positive and so empowering. One thing he said in passing was ‘…get involved in your journey…it’s your journey’. I will try to be mindful of this as we continue to move forward with their increasing independence.

Summer Footsteps

Yet again, Thomas has worked hard EVERY day this week at Footsteps. He has put in 10 hours this week but due to the long weekend he will only have 8 hours next week. Only!

However we have also had some lovely afternoons sharing time with friends, baking, making Lego, eating ice cream and completing the library challenge so there feels a balance.

Here’s to a restful weekend and to making the most of the time we have left before school starts.

Superhero Tri

8 more sleeps. We have received our email confirmation and we are in Wave 12, starting at 4pm if anyone fancies coming along to this incredible event In Windsor NEXT Saturday.

We have been assigned Captain Marvel as our Superhero which feels very fitting – powerful and strong-willed!