Back to Brainwave

We are just back from two superb days at Brainwave, a specialist centre in Somerset that Thomas has visited annually since just after his CP diagnosis. Their wide-ranging expertise, advice and support were invaluable then, and again after his operation to help us understand how that had changed what he’s capable of.

Yet again, they have provided us with some amazing insights into what our little boy can do. And he himself was brilliant at meeting the demands of two days of being asked to do lots of difficult things.

Of course we get lots of input from elsewhere – physiotherapists for physio, Swim Lab for swimming, LOC for walking skills. But Brainwave really does bring all these things together for us. They also discussed their views on longer-term goals for Thomas, and their experience of how children continue to develop after SDR, not just for 3 years, but even after that too.

Overall, the therapists were very impressed at how Thomas had progressed since our last trip a year ago. And by having the two days there, it really allows for a considered program to be recommended for Thomas to continue his progress.

Some of it seems simple, and small, but it’s really targeted. Like some fresh ideas on how to do hamstring stretches. Doesn’t seem much, but as the old Team Sky cycling team used to say, if you implement enough tiny changes, it adds up to a lot. “Marginal gains.”

All in all, a successful trip. Dylan even got to see a dragon.

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