Last day of Footsteps

The last day of a session at Footsteps is always a tricky one for me but it has been made easier this time by knowing we shall be back in 3 weeks time. And, hopefully, we will have had the Botox injections by then.

When we started 3 weeks ago it felt Thomas was coming through another growth spurt and where the spasticity in his hamstrings and abductors were as tight as I had ever known. Of course, we can’t stop them from growing but even the most minor transitions for a person with CP, means giving up the temporary balance they’ve worked so hard to attain and finding their footing in a new situation, a new body, is so exhausting.It’s constant hard work so though this session has gone well and he has worked so hard throughout the 3 weeks, the spasticity is holding him back. It’s seeing this daily struggle that makes the path we are travelling down clearer in some ways. So, we shall see how he responds next week to the Botox. We shall see. In the meantime, enjoy this collection of photos from this last session.

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