Puss in Boots boots

Last week saw Thomas being exceptionally brave when having his first course of Botox injections. Unfortunately, over the weekend, he had an allergic reaction to the first casts but today we managed to get some new ones and they seem a much better fit. The Botox seems to have already taken affect and so they were able to get his foot in a really nice position before setting the casts and so hopefully this will give him a really good stretch over the next 10 days or so. Then it is back to Footsteps to make the most of this ‘window of opportunity’. The injections only last between 6-8 weeks so it is important to focus on those areas which have been weakened by the spasticity in the hope that some muscle memory will build up before it takes a hold again.

I have to say, as hard as all of this is, it gets you closer to where you need to be, to knowing that the surgery offers Thomas the best chance of being able to reach his potential whatever that may be, to be free of this dreadful spasticity that is so damaging to his body.



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