Week 3

The final week of this session went really well with Thomas working hard in the spider and on the mat to build up his strength. His confidence has really grown in this session and he is more willing to use his body when he is up on his feet which is so exciting. Fear is such a debilitating emotion and can hold us back from so much… Helping Thomas to work through this is so important as once it takes hold, as we all know, it can become a daily struggle. Getting Thomas to reach out to try climbing and jumping and of course, walk independently has been a huge achievement and great progress.

We aren’t back for a 3 week session until February half term now but we will continue to come for our weekly session and have 2 hrs of private physio a week in place so hopefully we can keep the momentum going, keep his confidence high.

Next weekend is a big fundraising weekend for us as we are running a quiz on Friday at the local community centre and at the same venue, we have a stall at the Christmas Market on Sunday. Dan, the boys key worker from nursery is doing his 24hr Dungeons and Dragon event ( http://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/24hourtohelpthomas ) and my godmother is also having her 60th on Saturday where she has asked all her friends not to buy her presents but instead, to donate to Thomas’ campaign bless her. Then in London, Scarlett, the daughter of my dearest friend Jane, is holding a disco party in aid of Thomas. She is only 7 and it was all her idea!

So, if you are watching Children in Need on Friday and go to donate could you possibly think about donating to Thomas instead this year?

You can do this by texting: httd74 to 70070

Or by going to our website: http://www.treeofhope.org.uk/thomas-story-help-thomas-to-dance/

Thank you for staying with us.

Us x

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