Week 2 of Footsteps has Thomas taking independent steps…

Despite having a cold this week Thomas ended yesterday by taking at least 10 independent steps and then today, he managed to navigate a really hard obstacle course that his therapist had designed for him.

It is wonderful to see how his confidence is growing and how ‘in his body’ he is becoming.

Having spatial awareness is something we take for granted as is the way our body automatically does, for the most part, what we want it to do but these things don’t come naturally to Thomas. He has to work really hard to tell his body what to do and then find the strength from somewhere to do it. This is why these past few days have been so amazing. It is as though his brain is starting to get these messages after so much repetition and practise.

Hopefully Bea, my brother’s partner is going to be able to put some videos here so you can see him yourself.

1 more week of therapy to go.

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