It was great witnessing Thomas’ new found confidence in standing today. His balance and spatial (body) awareness is constantly improving and he showed this by not only catching a ball while independently standing but by also being able to steady himself after the catch to then throw the ball back to me! I know, brilliant! Sadly there is no picture to show you as I was throwing the ball to him but he did it 3 times in a row before needing to sit back down on the bench. Now, he was in his splints and gaiters but still, this is huge, huge progress! It was wonderful to witness.

The pictures below were taken from later on in the session when he was moving from sitting to standing, to then bending down to collect the bean bags, to return back to standing in order to throw the bags at the target, all with very little support as you can see (and with only splints on). I still haven’t figured out how to put videos on here but I also managed to get a little video of him high kneeling backwards too. This is such a tricky sequence of movements and so again, shows just how strong his core/pelvis is getting. All his hard work is paying off! It really, really is.

So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for walking this journey with us. We do feel you by our side and Thomas is getting stronger and stronger.


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