Going Ultra

When I did my mud run last month, I got in touch with some old friends from school to see if they would sponsor me.  Some very kindly did so.  One went a bit further.  Jonny Lindsay, who shared class 1C with me many years ago, was about to embark on an Ultra Marathon from Dublin to Belfast.  He saw our posts and got in touch to say he’d like to use it to raise money for Thomas.  An incredibly generous offer, and one that left only a week until the race!

Despite that, Jonny has so far raised over £1,200, and has pledged to continue as he is signed up to 3 “normal” marathons in May as well!

Jonny also admitted that the race – 105 miles – was incredibly tough at times, but the thought of the cause he was supporting helped him through those difficult moments.  A lot of credit must go to his presumably rather long-suffering wife Natasha, who followed Jonny through all 30 hours of the race, to provide food, drink, at one point a place to power-nap, and running online commentary of progress.

So a huge thank you to Jonny, and massive congratulations for such a personal achievement for you.Jonny Lindsay ultra marathon

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