Hard work pays off!

After a morning at school today we picked the boys up and headed back to London for his 3 month review visit at LOC (London Orthotics Centre). Elaine was really pleased by Thomas’ progress in this short time, especially his gait pattern. This was wonderful to hear as we know he can walk now, but we want him to walk well; so our focus and hard work has been on strengthening his hips, his core and his gait. She also measured his calf length and there has been a 10 degree gain there in both legs too which is simply wonderful news – all those daily stretches are helping those muscles to grow!

Not only this – Elaine feels Thomas is ready to move on to single point canes. Naturally this will take some time in order to build up his confidence, but it is a great anniversary gift.

Lesson for the day…hard work pays off!

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