Belated Festive Update

A belated update of the festive fundraising to Help Thomas 2 Dance.

Christmas probably seems a long time ago now, but we wanted to thank everyone who had taken part in an event over the festive period. 2018 already feels amazing, with the progress Thomas is making in physio.

There were so many people doing things over Christmas, so I’ll take a deep breath…

Family in Oxford and back home in Shropshire organised events. The swimming pool where the boys have their lessons had a collection tin on their front desk. Cheney School held a raffle, as did Grace Proko (11 years old) at her big family Christmas get-together. And we had a stand at the local Christmas Market. We even had friends of cousin Andy – people we’d never met, who heard about Thomas through Andy’s own 24-hour ultra-marathon last year – make reindeer decorations to sell on behalf of Thomas.
And to top it off, Thomas’s Northern Irish auntie Alison jumped into the North Sea on Christmas Day!

After all that, we’ve been trying to embrace a bit of normality at the start to 2018. However we do still have some events coming up – a jumble sale; raffle at our local Sunday Sessions music gig; the boys’ former nursery key worker Dan is doing another epic storytelling event; and yet more friends & family in Shropshire who have organised a music night.
So thank you to everyone for staying with us on this journey. Hopefully you have been able to see some of our recent updates on Thomas’s progress, which is just amazing and again made possible thanks to you.

So if any of you are thinking of doing something for a good cause later this year, please keep Thomas in mind.

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