3D Gait Lab Assessment

One of my new year resolutions has been to trust the team we have around us. This trust has never been in question regarding the physiotherapists we have working with Thomas but the consultants…quite a different story. However in December, when arriving fully prepared for one particular meeting here in Oxford, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t need to refer to my list of questions or requests as by the end of the meeting everything had been covered and had come from them including a referral to the 3D Gait Lab – hence the New Years resolution.

So, at 8am on January 2nd, Thomas spent 2.5 hrs at Oxford Gait Lab and has a very cool certificate to prove it!

What are the Key Areas that the 3D Gait Analysis will show?
* Stride length
* Weak muscles
* Tight/Dominant muscles
* Weaker or more dominant sides
* Pronation or supination
* Hip rotation/knee rotation
* Strike force
* Posture evaluation
* Video Feedback
* Skeletal positioning feedback

Hopefully, we shall receive a report in a few weeks time that will inform us on what key areas we need to address and a ‘plan’ as to how best we can support his continued progress.


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