Last day of Footsteps

Last day at Footsteps today … it feels really emotional as I had our October session here down as a real marker on our SDR journey. In October we would be Post – SDR. When we come back…gosh, I can remember those tears and all that fear…

We are so fortunate to have an incredible team around Thomas. Without their expertise and experience of SDR, making this decision would have been even more agonising. We are so lucky. This session has gone really well. Thomas has felt safe and has made such good progress. He isn’t back to his pre-op strength yet but they are really pleased with not only how he has cooperated but also the strength that he has at this early stage Post- Op. It is all so encouraging.

Next week he is back to school. Only half days as he will have physio most afternoons whether it be 1:1 physio, horse riding or swimming. It’s going to be busy but it will be back to normal. Normal is good.


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