Exploring Oxford in our walker again!

Despite a minor set back regarding Thomas splints rubbing him ( Brian is off to Bristol tomorrow to get them altered) this week has actually been fun! We are finding our way with our new routine of daily exercises in the morning before school along with wearing his gaiters to help stretch his hamstrings x2 a day.

With his growing confidence we have managed to go further afield this week visiting favourite haunts such as Millets Farm, the wonderful Story Museum and the incredible Fish Bowl aquarium.We even managed to visit the wee Alice in Wonderland shop which was a nice treat. It is Thomas’ favourite story at the moment and having progressed from his frame to using his walker again he chose a little pocket watch so we won’t be late for Footsteps next week! I can’t wait to see how he will progress over the next 3weeks while we are there. Stay tuned.

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