Week 2 – 9 days post-op

Since being discharged on Monday and moving to a lovely apartment by the river everything has felt much lighter – a beautiful sanctuary to retreat to at the end of each long day of physio!

It was wonderful to have my eldest brother Tim with us for a few days to help navigate the streets of Bristol as we are now going in for physio twice a day as outpatients. We found a nice route through some gardens and so far the weather has been kind to make this feel very therapeutic. I can’t wait to share this space ( and journey) with PB and Michael next week- my other two bros.

Regarding progress- he is recovering and coping with everything amazingly well! Now the spasticity has gone obviously his muscles need strengthening and this will take time and a great deal of hard work. Attention at this early stage is focused on the re-education and re- learning of the normal movement patterns i.e lying to sitting, rolling, sit to stand, floor to standing etc. He can now side sit much more comfortably but walking independently with his walker is still tricky but it will come.

Daddy and Dylan will be back with us tonight and so one more day of physio before we can enjoy a weekend exploring Beautiful Brizzle.

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