Parallel London 2017

This time one year ago, we went to the Olympic Park in London, to a new event called Parallel London. It was set up to promote inclusivity between fully able people and those with disabilities. Not treating disabled people differently – having a mindset of inclusivity that means that everyone is treated equally. Think of it like the difference between a building that has a disabled entrance, and a building that has one entrance that everyone can use no matter what ability they have.
Thus, whilst there are a number of sporting challenges at Parallel, there are no “winners”. Everyone takes part with their own individual goal in mind. One year ago, we entered Thomas and Dylan in the 100 metres. I will own up to not being convinced that Thomas would be able to do it. He BREEZED it in his walker!
This year, we’re going back! Thomas is one year stronger, so this time we are hoping he will do it either with his sticks, or holding our hands. But whatever way he chooses to do it, if he does it with strength and dedication, he will be a winner like everyone else.
It’s on Sunday, and we can’t wait to have another lovely day filled with positive energy.


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