Back again to Footsteps for 3 whole weeks!


Today was the last day of our 3 week session at Footsteps. Thomas is tired. He has worked so hard on his walking pattern. We are so lucky with the physiotherapists we have that work with Thomas, they are so motivating and so much fun.

Here he is working on the treadmill and his walking pattern. There is so much to learning how to walk strongly … from learning how to kick from the toe, to land on the heel, while also remembering to lock the knee, to bend the knee only then to repeat it with the other leg. None of this is automatic for Thomas, he has to learn the skill over and over again. Once he has, it’s there but it has to be taught and taught well. We take soooo much for granted.

Now, we rest for the weekend and have a few days off as a family before heading to Bristol for the SDR assessment next Friday…


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