Charity Fashion Show raises £1755.00!!!!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who supported this fundraising event for Thomas. We were very sorry we couldn’t be there in person.

As well as saying thank you to Lynda, for organising such a wonderful evening, a big thank you goes to my cousins Christine and Mandy.

It was literally this time last year when we first began to ‘plan’ our fundraising campaign. The thought was overwhelming. BUT thanks to my beautiful cousin Mandy and her Brassey/ Lea determination, she, along with a group of friends raised over £800! Because of this belief and support we had to pull ourselves together, dig deep, set up a website, join Facebook and get out there! helpthomas2dance was launched.

And then, a few months later, Christine and the rest of the Brassey/Nixon/Edge crew raised another huge amount at their cake sale. It was over £1000! Their belief and support made us BELIEVE that there might be a way after all. You can’t imagine what this felt like or maybe you can?

Thank you guys for getting us here and for organising such a successful fundraiser.


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