Back at Footsteps…

It has been 4 weeks since Thomas had his Botox treatment and he is responding really well. Naturally it has exposed a degree of muscle weakness but thankfully not as much as we feared. He is back to where he was before the treatment so this is brilliant and shows again, that the surgery would be the best option for Thomas as it would eliminate the spasticity permanently. He doesn’t need it ( some children with CP do) and it is obviously damaging his body.

We are now in our second week of Footsteps and they have been working hard on stretching and strengthening the muscles as well as working on balance, symmetry and co-ordination. The hope is that at least some of the learning done in this time i.e. the improved gait pattern (walking pattern) will be long lasting. We shall see.

So, essentially we have two more weeks before the spasticity starts to kick in again,one more week here at Footsteps and then a block of physio by his NHS physio. Fingers are all crossed that these next two weeks help Thomas with his confidence and his independent walking.



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