Second week of Footsteps and working so hard!

We are mid way through our three week session at Footsteps and I can honestly say I have never seen Thomas work so hard. They are really making him work on his balance and ability to use his own centre ( core) to help steady himself. At times it is painful to watch as he looks in pain and it is exhausting for the wee fella. This last growth spurt has really tightened his hamstrings and so it is making everything so much harder. Hopefully, hopefully the Botox injections will help release some of this spasticity and therefore enable him to continue to make progress. In many ways it makes it all that much clearer that the surgery will be the right option for Thomas but we shall see what the specialists say come the summer which is when we shall have the assessment now. They will only do the assessment 5 months after the injections as by then it will have worked out of his system. We shall see. For now it is all about managing the spasticity and building up strength so we are in the right place.


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