Working on strength and trying Kinesio Taping again

Where has January gone? I can’t believe it will be February in a few days.

January has been about stepping up the physio in order to work on Thomas’ strength before he has the Botox injections. He has been working hard and gaining so much more confidence and independence. On Saturday he even went to the supermarket using his sticks! This is our current aim, to build up his stamina and use of the sticks as his gait ( walking pattern), is so much better placed and controlled than when he uses his walker. It is exhausting for him though and he naturally needs to feel safe so it’s tricky but we are getting there. We have also been trying the Kinesio tape again in the hope that it will help ‘unblock’ his feet.

Kinesio Tape is elastic tape that has multiple purposes depending on where and how it is applied. It is often used to reduce pain, swelling, improve strength , encourage optimal alignment, and decease muscle fatigue. I think it helps.

So, yes, Botox injections this week followed by 2 weeks in casts and then 3 weeks of Footsteps. Hopefully we will have lots of positive news to share.

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