Playing D&D to Help Thomas to Dance

Dan Vale was until recently the key worker at nursery for Thomas and Dylan. He moved to London just before Christmas, but has continued to support Thomas.  He is using his passion for gaming as a way to raise money.  So apologies if our terminology isn’t quite right here, as this is a new field for us!  Dan’s passion is Dungeons & Dragons, and there is a huge community of people who play this together online.

By tapping in to this audience, Dan is hopefully having a lot of fun, whilst also raising money for Thomas.  So far, he’s raised a staggering £2,600.

At nursery with the boys, Dan often went above & beyond the call of duty, and he continues to do so now.  These events take a lot of planning and preparation.  Your commitment to Thomas and generosity with your time is amazing, Dan.

You can read more about Dan’s games here:







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