Post Christmas /New Year /4th Birthday Update

Time for an update, but where to start…? We have reached £25,000!!!!! Mad heh, after 4 months of fundraising this is what we (that includes you!) have achieved.
How? Well, Christmas was a busy time…

– Rose Hill Cooperative Nursery raised ANOTHER £121.21.
– Friends and family of my godmother Thelma raised £600 by donating to Thomas instead of buying her birthday presents.
– My friend Dan L. ran a cake sale in his school in London, raising £450.
Christmas Markets raised over £400 (all crafts were made by friends and family).
– 3 nights of carol singing raised over £550- so much fun!
– Brian’s cousin Mark designed and printed Christmas cards for us, which raised over £300.
Mary Foy’s incredible sisters and friends generously donated over £70 instead of buying her birthday or Christmas presents.
Cheney School dedicated their ‘Wear A Christmas Jumper Day’ to our campaign and raised a staggering £1040.93!
Brian’s mum also raised over £305 by doing a Knitathon!

And then, 5 days before Christmas, we heard back from the Cumber Family Trust, who support local causes near Oxford: they most kindly sent us a cheque for £1,250.

This is how we got to 1/3 of our target! This is how WE raised £25,000!

What have we got planned now??

– Next Saturday sees the Pinner Quiz organised by my eldest brother and his family, and an additional 4hr Dungeon and Dragon stream from Dan V.
– Our Jumble Sale on Saturday 25th February – please come along and grab a bargain as we have been given so much lovely stuff!
– Half time slot at the Oxford United – Bristol Rovers game on March 4th
– And then many other events in the pipeline including a fashion show, wine tasting event, spa day…

I am even trying to get Brian to do a Mud Run….anyone feel like joining him???

So, just left to say, thank you, thank you for staying with us through this, thank you for helping us do everything we possibly can to make sure Thomas gets to realise his potential.


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