Julie completes the Kielder Half Marathon in aid of Thomas’ campaign

For those of you who don’t know, the Kielder is a half marathon…  but with hills in it. Northern hills. Steep northern hills. Today, despite not feeling 100%, my beautiful African friend (we met in Africa) completed the Kielder half marathon and has raised over £700 towards Thomas’ surgery and post operative physio.

Ever since the boys were first born Julie and her partner Vicky have been there, right there. It was with them that the boys shared their first smile with one another (image 1) and then a year or so later (image 2 FYI Julie is in the door way) the connection they all have with one another is clear to see.

p1040636Visiting recently the same love and laughter was shared. The same love and friendship.

Thank you for your beautiful friendship guys. Thank you for running for Thomas today.


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