1:1 (1:2) swimming lessons thanks to you!

So, thanks to YOU we have started private swimming lessons for the boys. The 1/2 hr is shared between them however Dylan often doesn’t want to go in so consequently it ends up just being Thomas who has the full 1/2 hr with Vicky, their instructor. This feels ok as Dylan will be able to join in with group lessons later on but this might well be tricky for Thomas.

It is great to see their confidence growing. Today Thomas was kicking away all by himself with just the noodle supporting him.  He was also attempting some doggy paddling and went under the water with no protesting or tears, twice!

This is not only great physio, it is something that, in time I hope, will make him (them) feel so in-tuned with his (their) body, so free. This is how I feel when I am swimming and so I hope he (they) gets to feel it too.

Thank you for making this possible. I really do feel, at this point in time  anyway, that we are doing everything we can to help Thomas be as strong as he can be for the assessment in April. Without your support it wouldn’t be possible for us to pay for his weekly private physio sessions, his weekly horse riding lesson, his weekly swimming lesson.Not while I am not working so again, from the bottom of our hearts thank you.

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