First Riding lesson

We took Thomas to his first riding lesson yesterday and it was amazing, he was amazing! He got on his horse, Bryn straight away without any hesitation. Listened to the instructors, held the reigns and went off around the paddock and in to the fields. Treasured memories came flooding came back to me of when I used to go riding with my cousin. I remember feeling so free. And well I had a moment. Seeing him riding bare back no less, reminded me that he will be able to experience so much and that he needn’t be held back by his disability. It was a very special day.

While being fun it will also be brilliant physio for his core and pelvis as you really need to engage these muscles to not only stay on the horse but to stay upright. The natural rocking movement is great for hip rotation and for mimicking what the hips need to do while walking if that makes sense. Not sitting on a saddle also means his thighs get a beautiful warm  massage – this is why it is called hippotherapy.

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